Second Escalation (1835-1842)

The longest of the three, now President Andrew Jackson, acting on the Indian Removal Act of 1830, gave the order that all Seminole Indians were to be removed from the Florida Territory on February 16, 1835. As defined by Indian Agent Wiley Thompson that same year, all Indians in Florida were considered Seminoles.

Cementing the second escalation was the ambush of a garrison of 110 men led by Major Francis L. Dade. Three survived the attack. It was during this second escalation that the “Indian Key Massacre” occurred in the early morning hours of August 7, 1840. In addition to the burning, destruction, and looting of much of the island, six of the approximately 50 people on the island died during the attack. One boy succumbed after hiding in a cistern when the structure above it was lit aflame.

First Escalation (1817-1818)

Third Escalation (1855-1858)